Kitchens are without a doubt the most important room in the modern home.  We entertain there, we work there, we live there.  Nothing adds more value or more personal satisfaction to a home than a newly renovated kitchen.   From start to finish we will help guide you through what can be the largest renovation you’ll ever undertake.  The process starts with an efficient design and layout.  We have years of experience in finding solutions to even the most difficult spaces.  Quality cabinets are integral to a successful kitchen.  Big box stores offer many different styles at an often affordable price but never last as long as they should.  All our cabinets are made by our in house trade partner and are designed by you, for you.  You deserve the best, which is why we use only the highest quality materials, assembled with traditional techniques.  Once your cabinet design is ready, spend as long as you need with our granite partner to choose the perfect piece of art to top it all off.  Like our bathrooms, all your fixtures are hand picked from a large selection, with the assistance of our design consultant, or purchase the fixtures yourself and we’ll make sure our experienced tradesmen put it all together with meticulous care.