Porch Railings and Columns


Vinyl porch columns and railings are increasing in popularity due to the durability and longevity of the product.  Gone are the days of painting every spring and replacing wood rails and posts every few years.   There is a misconception that vinyl is only available in white when in fact we offer a large selection of not only styles but colors as well.  Our rails and columns will never split, flake, rot or require maintenance.  Simply wipe them clean if they get dirty and they will last the lifetime of your home.

Photo 5-15-2013, 2 00 26 PMPhoto 7-6-2012, 11 30 23 AM

Want a sleeker, more modern look?  Why not try glass rails?  Glass comes in a variety of shades and colors and adds a distinctive look to all home styles.

IMG_0169Photo 8-22-2012, 2 04 35 PM

Maybe you’re looking for a traditional style?  We also offer aluminum railing in both decorative and OBC compliant systems.