GenStone – The beauty  of stone made easy!


What is GenStone?

Green and Eco Friendly:
25 yr limited warranty
The beauty and visual appeal of natural stone, rock and clay brick veneers is beyond question
GenStone simulated products are ideal for both new construction and refinishing projects
Consumers, developers, contractors and home improvement specialists can appreciate the distinction and beauty that brick, stone or rock siding can add to almost any exterior surface.

Authentic Look:
GenStone molds are cast from actual stone so every detail of the stone’s texture is accurately fingerprinted and transferred to our products.
Lighter than stone and cast concrete products:
GenStone weighs on average one pound per square foot, eliminating the need for lift equipment or extra labour.

Ease of Installation:
GenStone can be applied at up to 100 square feet per man hour or more depending on application with screws and adhesives. GenStone is easily field cut using standard woodworking tools.

Cost Effective:
In most cases, GenStone saves homeowners at least 30% over cast concrete products. Even more when you consider the time, labor and expensive tooling it takes to work with cast concrete products.

GenStone is manufactured of impact resistant polyurethane. GenStone uses the same type of material and process used in ocean aquariums and theme parks.

GenStone products may be applied over exterior walls, foundation skirts, full or partial home siding, porch and deck pillars, deck siding and more.

Additional Benefits:
GenStone products increase the R-value to homes and commercial structures, as well as meeting building code requirements. For example our American Classic style brick has an R-value of 3.65

GenStone reduces homeowner maintenance:
No Painting
No Staining
No Waterproofing