Garage Doors

We are a leading supplier of Amarr and Cloplay garage door systems and carry a full line of steel doors, from contemporary flush panels to classic carriage house design. We can give you a striking look that stands up to the test of time. Exceptional performance, low maintenance and durability. The best part is – looks can be deceiving! From a distance you see wood but up close it is sturdy, dependable and heavy gauge steel. From single layer to triple layer design, we have the door to suit your budget and needs. Installed by our professional team and backed by one of the best warranties on the market. We also provide a full line of garage door accessories. So why not give us a chance to make you fall in love with your garage all over again.

The three best selling steel doors are The Stratford, The Oak Summit and The Classica:


The Stratford

  • Most economical door we provide
  • Warranty from 15 yrs to lifetime
  • Avail. In approx 8 colors
  • Over 20 window insert choices
  • Avail. In 4 different panel designs


The Oak Summit

  • Carriage house design
  • Option straps/handles avail.
  • Avail in 6 colours
  • 4 different panel designs
  • R value 6.58- 6.84 (depending on model chosen)


The Classica

  • Bigger 3 panel door
  • 28” windows over standard 18”
  • R value of 6.64 to 13.84
  • Avail. In over 8 designs
  • Avail in 4 colours