Vinyl Siding – Should You Go for It?

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Window of a private house on a background of beige siding.

Lately, more and more home designers and homeowners are appreciating the beauty of vinyl, and for good reasons, too! Vinyl, a synthetic material, is engineered for both aesthetics and functionality. This also means that when you choose vinyl, you are not compromising functionality for beauty. When it comes to siding, however, you want something that is both impressive and practical. You need to use a material that works as it should, and at the same time, looks good on your home.

Here are the five top reasons why you should go for vinyl siding:

#01. Vinyl is durable.

If you are to choose between wood and vinyl for your siding, you should know that wood does not last that long. With all of its exposure to the elements, wood siding will begin deteriorating within ten years of installation. This means that you need to perform regular replacements. On the other hand, vinyl is resistant to different elements, so you do not have to worry about replacing it for decades. However, you should also do your part and take the time to inspect and maintain your vinyl siding regularly.

#02. Vinyl is easy to maintain.

Vinyl, although synthetic, still requires maintenance – but only minimal. Keep in mind that vinyl siding is exposed to the elements, just like the exterior of your home. So, you will still need to conduct regular inspections if you want to make sure that your siding is in good condition. In terms of cleanliness, the siding might get dirty, but you do not have to worry about having it regularly painted.

#03. Vinyl provides insulation.

Vinyl siding usually comes with an airtight seal that is meant to create an insulation system for your home. You can expect that there will be no drafts or exchange of heat energy between the interior and exterior of your home. Your home will not be energy-efficient without insulation, so this is another plus point for vinyl siding!

#04. Vinyl gives you many options.

You would be happy to know that vinyl comes in different designs and colours, so you get to choose whatever appeals the most to you. Wood siding, however, might be limited in terms of designs and colours. Vinyl siding can also be custom-made to specifically suit any taste or preference.

#05. Vinyl has the perfect finish.

With vinyl siding, you do not have to worry about warping, peeling or fading. Vinyl will let you concentrate on enjoying your home, rather than having you constantly worry about maintenance costs that you might have to deal with when you use wood siding.

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