Broken in Brooklin

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Broken in Brooklin

This porch and railing project was referred to us from one of our valued clients.  They are also from the Brooklin area and had contracted us to solve similar problems.  As you can see from the project photos, this is a 2 story brick home with a walkout porch on the second floor.  The rot in this wooden post and beam progressed to a point where the upper post had settled down leaving a 1 ½” gap between the post and the roof.  Scary stuff for the customer.  Another day at the office for us…

Manalco Contracting went to work!  We started by supporting the roof and began to dismantle the railing, wood post and flashings at the upper deck.  This is where we discovered the leak originated.  Our customer was so pleased that we managed to save them quite a bit of money by reinstalling the undamaged rubber membrane underneath.  Why replace what’s not broken?  However, we did discovered that some plywood and joist were just too damaged to leave and replaced them without a second thought.

Our skilled trades ”opened up” the covered porch soffits and were amazed to find some shortened pieces of lumber that were “fit” together to carry the beam cap span (I guess whatever was lying around the construction site was used).  Not an uncommon practice in new construction but not acceptable on our watch!  We had our carpenter correct this and prepare it for assembling our new components.

We installed our new parapet flashing over the salvaged rubber membrane and placed the new vinyl column on top of the flashing correctly (unlike the original installation).  A new, widened aluminum beam cap was installed.  We saved the original soffit, which created additional savings for our homeowner.  New colour coordinated vinyl railings gave this house a new polished look.

During construction, our customer discovered we also install garage doors by visiting our website  She selected 2 beautiful doors from our  garage door selection.  We were thrilled to do this job as we are with any new project.  Another happy customer who is now part of our growing family for the past 40 years!