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Quality Vinyl Casement Windows at a Reasonable Price

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Looking for vinyl replacement windows doesn’t need to be a hassle.  It’s great when you can find a business that has credibility and an 98% rating with the We supply the features that our clients ask for. When they are looking for double hung vinyl replacement windows, we naturally offer maintenance free vinyl trim. Quality means convenience. And that means never having to paint these windows again. Making sure that your windows don’t add to your carbon footprint is another advantage we offer. Vinyl Windows in Canada That Are Energy Star Rated Our windows are all Energy Star certified. There are a few other items we like to call The Manalco Contracting. Number one is our installers. These folks are all highly skilled and knowledgeable. Each and every one has over a decade of experience. They put their best foot forward on every vinyl window installation job they work on. Custom Options Our suppliers offers a leading brand. That means that you’re getting the finest in vinyl windows and some outstanding custom options. You won’t find some of the things we offer anywhere else. Investing in vinyl replacement windows is a big cash outlay. You want to make sure to get all the information so you can make the right decision. Deciding to work with a company that has experience is important. Manalco Contracting Ltd has been in business since 1975 serving the Toronto area. We have an 98% rating with Get A Consultation Our vinyl windows process starts off with a consultation. Helping you understand all of your options is a priority. Some windows might not need to be replaced. We can walk you through the benefits of a repair or new seal where that applies. Check out the different styles of vinyl windows that we have to offer. These come with a variety of outstanding features like a multipoint locking hardware system. Heavy-duty handles and dual interlocking rails are just a few of the other noteworthy items we have. Customer Testimonials Take a few minutes to look through our reviews on Homstars. These are from folks just like you who have taken advantage of the high standards for vinyl windows in Canada we offer Why not get in touch so we can show you a lineup of vinyl replacement windows today? Call Kevin at Manalco Contracting Ltd Today!...

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Winter Maintenance Tips

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Winters are increasingly harsh, and a single winter storm can cause over $1 billion in damages. If you want to avoid costly repairs, make sure that your home is ready for the winter. But isn’t always easy to know what you can do now to help prepare and protect your property from the cold weather. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Read on for our top 10 winter home maintenance tips. 1. Check Your Gutters and Drainage With winter comes increased rainfall, so you want to be ready. While cleaning out the gutter isn’t a fun job, it can save you money in the long run. Well maintained gutters can reduce the need to replace them, and the chance of roof damage. A clogged gutter can overflow and break, putting strain on the roof itself. It can also fill with ice, which will cause thawing damage and strains the guttering. Whether you have special tools or are doing it the old-fashioned way, here’s how to go about it: Firmly set your ladder against the side of the house. Preferably have someone hold onto it and make sure it is on even ground. Scoop out the dirt with a small shovel. Dump it into a bin bag or onto tarp — don’t put it on your lawn. Flush out the gutters with a hose for a full clean. Gutter guards often aren’t worth bothering with. They can make your gutters impossible to clean, which is more hassle than it’s worth. Once clean, give a check for any other signs of drainage issues. Check your basement for water damage stains and your attic for mildew. Both mildew and water damage indicate that your drainage system isn’t taking the water far away enough from your house, particularly in older homes. If water is getting back into the foundation, your attic and basement will start showing signs of damp. To fix this, try extending your downspout to direct the water further away. 2. Test Your Sump Pump Sump pumps act as the last line of defense against condensation buildup, floods, and water from drains. Test the pump before winter hits. You want to make sure it works; otherwise, you could end up with a flooded basement and foundation damage. Once you locate the exit pipe, check it for any dirt and debris. If there are any clogs, remove them. Make sure that the water is being directed well away from your home’s foundation. If you have a dual cord pump, both cords should be unplugged. If you can hear a humming sound when you plug in the pump cord, this means that it’s working as it should. Remember to plug everything back in though after testing. If you have a single cord pump, pour 20 liters of water into the pump pit until the float rises. You should hear the pump turn on. While on, make sure the water is pumping out as it should, and the pump turns itself off when the water is removed. It may be worth investing in a water detector to further protect your basement from moisture. 3. Check Your Window Wells Window wells are a great way to let natural light into your basement and provide ventilation. They also help keep soil away from the window fixtures. But if they are not maintained well, they can put your basement at risk. One of the major reasons for window well flooding in liner failure. If your liner becomes detached from the foundation wall, soil pressure can widen the gap between the loose liner and the wall. This gives water an opportunity...

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Flowers Cres Ajax

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Changing the roof and box of a bay window After Before Call Kevin at Manalco Contracting Ltd Today!...

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Downing Street Toronto, ON

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Aluminum Railing and Northern Composite...

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Product Showcase: Longboard

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Take a peek at a recently project we’ve completed. The siding is an extruded aluminum panel called Longboard. We think it’s the main design feature of this house. Call Kevin at Manalco Contracting Ltd Today!...

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